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However, the truth is that South Africans have a wide taste in sports that they like to bet on. This is why the sports betting culture of South Africa has endured the numerous legislative changes to the gambling industry of the nation. Sports gambling and horseracing combined to make up 18.9% of the overall market revenue of gambling markets in South Africa last year alone. This is an increase from last year’s 14.3%.

But is sports betting even legal in South Africa? We answer all your questions about the legalities of betting on sports in SA including what laws impact wagering in the country and which online sportsbooks can legally accept South African players. Or check out our homepage for a more detailed look at whether or not online gambling is legal in South Africa.

Legal Online Sportsbooks That Accept South African PlayersThe following is a list of legal online sportsbooks that accept all South African players. An experienced team of specialists that have been in the online sports betting world for over 20 years that have researched the legal climate of South Africa has inspected these sites listed below meticulously. Each of these websites has the proper licensing and regulation to provide services to customers all over the world including those in South Africa. Be sure you check out our similar guide and list of recommendations for South African legal online casinos.

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Sports Betting In South AfricaThe following FAQ’s will answer many common questions related to online sports betting in South Africa.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal In South Africa?Sports betting has never been criminalized in South Africa. There has been a deep-rooted love for sports gambling in the country that has persisted through the years and the numerous online gambling legislative changes. In 1965, South Africa released its first modern Gambling Act. It stipulated that all forms of gambling were illegal except Horse Racing, which was viewed as a sporting activity. Its clear that the South African Government has long exempted sporting activities from their gambling legislation restrictions and this is currently why sports betting is still legal today in the country. The National Gambling Act of 1996 expanded gambling activities in the country and established the Board that oversees the provincial gambling boards that are in practice today. In 2004 an updated version of the National Gambling Act repealed the 1996 law for a more modern approach to the industry. Online gambling became officially illegal with the exception of horse racing and sports gambling. Currently, the largest provider of online sports gambling licenses in South Africa is the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board.

What Sports Can I Bet On At South African Online Sportsbooks?Online sportsbooks have the advantage of a global appeal to their offerings. This means that it behooves them to provide as many sports betting options as possible so that they can maximize their profits. It’s a win-win for both the customer and the operator. In online sportsbooks that are legal in South Africa you will be able to find all the most popular betting options for cricket, football, rugby or any sports around the world. The Euro 2016 football tournament was one of the most bet on sporting events in South Africa as it experienced a 40% turnover generating 32.8 billion South African rand.

Online sportsbooks are also the place to find unusual betting options. Options like those for obscure digital sports like online multiplayer video game tournaments, or even options to bet on the stock markets rise or fall at any given time. There are prop bets for almost everything under the sun like the specific peculiarities of a given match or even what a famous personality might wear to an award ceremony. We encourage you to fully explore South Africa Online Sportsbooks for fun and compelling betting options you might not have known existed before.

Are there Online Sports Betting Bonuses For South African Players?All the sportsbooks that operate over the Internet have combined to unintentionally create an industry standard in bonuses and promotions. This happens as one provider offers something the others don’t. When they get wind of it, they start to offer it and then all of a sudden, the brands that don’t offer anything are left stranded with little to no membership. For this reason it would befit you make sure that the online sportsbook that you choose is up to par with the rest of the industry so that you can ensure you are getting the most for you patronage. The typical industry standard promotion that you should expect is a match bonus that is commonly referred to as the "Welcome Bonus". This is a bonus that will match a certain percentage of your initial deposit to award you more money to make those sports bets with. A 50% match bonus with a 1,000 rand deposit means you will have 1,500 rand to wager with.

What Are The Safest Banking Options For South African Players?The typical banking options in the industry are different depending on where you go. The most common, however, are the major global credit cards, debit cards, ewallets and bitcoin. The major global credit cards are Visa and MasterCard. Bitcoin has proven to be the easiest and most reliable source of funding in online gambling accounts because it is decentralized and digital. It usually comes with no processing fees or times, which makes it the most convenient method of all. These methods can also be used for withdrawal in addition to popular money transfer services.

Can I Place Sports Bets Using South African Rand?You can. There are multiple options for currency in the online websites that we endorse in our guides. While you will be able to make your deposits without any problem you may see that your accounts balance is displayed for you in a different denomination. This is usually just a quick switch of the preferences in your account’s viewing settings. You can change it easily to display your account value in Rand should this situation occur.

Do I Have To Pay Income Tax on My Winnings In South Africa?On winnings that you have acquired from betting on sports in SA, you do not have to claim any of your winnings in your income taxes. There is, however, an income tax on pari-mutuel winnings so make sure to check our pari-mutuel page for more information on that.

Can I Place Live Bets?Certainly. The legal online sportsbooks accepting South African players constantly compete with each other to offer the most up-to-date betting options available. Live betting is a big part of that. The live betting options will be displayed promptly where you can see them and feature a variety of popular sporting events. You will have the unique advantage to hedge your bets or compound your winnings if you can make accurate predictions based on the changing dynamics of the games. Placing bets during a game, match, contest or event makes for an exciting component to any betting action.

Can I Use My Phone To Make Bets In Online Sports Books in South Africa?Absolutely. South African sportsbooks understand how hard it is to bring your computer with you to the bar while you watching the games. This is why they have made it a priority to make their betting options available via mobile devices. You will have full access to your account and the details within it to make deposits or request withdrawals and of course, to place bets on any games you are watching using the live betting options or the traditional betting options available to you.

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